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I am indebted to all my predecessors, those who have already written about the Tomb of Jesus in Kashmir. I have been inspired by their works.

Above all, I am grateful to Professor Baba, Haji Fida Hasnain, whom I had the privilege to meet on the12th of May, 2008 on my second trip to Kashmir. I am thankful to him for his readiness to go through the manuscript in just two days and write a “foreword”, which rather turns out to be an introduction to the author. A Sufi lives in the spirit of Sufism. Whatever he has written about me, is actually an expression of the Sufi Spirit within him.

I certainly do not deserve the title “Sufi” bestowed upon me. But, I must accept it in all humility, since it comes from a very deserving person. Professor Baba, thank you. In the name of Allah, the Almighty, do please pray that I be given the strength to live up to your words. Amen…..

Anand Krishna at Kashmir
Anand Krishna at Kashmir

For the photographs and paintings obtained from the net other than Wikipedia (which are available for free-use), my attempts to locate the “original” sources and artists have been unsuccessful.  I hope that in future editions, they can be properly credited. Last but not least, for the photographs taken by the ashram members, thank you – thank you very much……

My special thanks to Carl Olmstead of Ojai (California), who spent most of his holidays in Bali editing this book. I simply don’t know how to thank you, Carl….

My heartfelt gratitude is also due to Daniel Entin, Executive Director of Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York, who gave me his consent for the use of several of Nicholas Roerich’s immortal paintings. Roerich’s paintings are expressions of his beautiful and meditative heart. The inclusion of his paintings has added to the value of this book.

Above all, I thank my Hero, my beloved Jesus - who “willed” and “made” this book happen…. I am always amazed at His doings, at the way He does things…. He does it all, and I get the credit. Amazing!

Lord, coming from Thee, I offer this back to Thee….

May this please Thee!