Hello Anand Krishna,
I am much enjoying your book Jesus of Kashmiris which I ordered. 

Paul Davids, Producer of JESUS IN INDIA

Dear Maya Ji,

Received the book yesterday evening and today early morning at 7:30 i came to my office and read the whole book by now (around 9:00 AM). I usually come to my office at 10:30 Am and our office starts at 10:00 Am.

For some reasons i could not sleep well yesterday and woke up very early at 5:00 Am (not my time to wake up) There was something that i wanted to read this book as soon as possible.

It is a great book and I thank Guruji about all he wrote about my father Baba Hassnain.

Ahtisham Fida

What a fascinated book!
My best to pak Anand.

Dewi Lestari, Indonesian Artist, Author of the popular novel "Supernova"

I just received Krishna's "Christ of Kashmiris" yesterday.
My best regards to Anand Krishna the one who always gives spiritual inspiration to humanity for peace, tolerance, and understanding.

Prof. Ahmad Syafii Maarif, Ph.D., a prominent Indonesian intellectual, the founder of Maarif Institute

“My dear respected Guru Ananda, Peace be with you.
I have learnt from our learned friend Prof. Fida Hassnain of Srinagar that you have written recently a book entitled: Christ of Kashmiris…. I am very keen to read your book.”

Nasir Ahmad, England (Translator of the popular book "Jesus Died in Kashmir" by Faiber Kaiser in Urdu)

"I am glad to know you were able to visit the Rozabal twice and met with Fida Hasnain.
I hope to get to meet you next time you are on the west coast of the U.S."

Paul Davids, Producer / Writer / Director / Editor / Cinematographer of Jesus In India

"Thank you for letting me be a part of your vision.
You are able to put into practice (reality) what I have wanted or thought about for years.
It gives me immense pleasure to help in any way I can."

Carl Olmstead
, Ojai (California-USA) – Editor

Sufi Guru Ananda of Indonesia is a man of God destined to play an important role in building a world, which is free from malice, hatred and turmoil.
It is a great pleasure for me to have the Darshan of this great saint of the century.
His aura depicts a powerful light and his face brings joy and bliss.
I wish him to live long in the service of mankind.

Prof. Haji Fida Mohammad Khan Hassnain
, Sufi Mystic
The most prominent Kashmiri writer.
Previously Director of Archives, Archaeology, Research and Museums;
and State Editor, Gazetteers of India, Kashmir.

Impressions of a Kashmir trip with Anand Krishna:

As soon as I arrived at Rozabal, I had no doubt whatsoever that this was Jesus’ final resting place. The simplicity and calmness of the place reminded me of Jesus Himself who stood calm and still amidst the cacophony of a city. I was overwhelmed; no words can properly express my feelings. Rozabal was an unforgettable experience… My gratitude for you, Mr. Anand Krishna…

Hermawaty - Director 

I felt strong love emanating from Rozabal, Jesus’ last resting place. The love energy that enabled quantum leap for a spiritual seeker; the very same energy that a Master tapped and transferred to any disciples who opened up him or herself. The same energy with the potentials to change Indonesia’s future for the better. Thank you, Guru-ji…

Marhento Wintolo – Private university lecturer in Jakarta

Tranquillity and the feeling that I was in another dimension… it was my first impression when I first entered the small space of Rozabal. An enigmatic and magical ambience that took away my usual chattiness…
Then, I could only feel love…love…love…
Thank you, Guruji Anand Krishna. You have delivered me safely to The Prophet Himself.

Maya Safira Muchtar – Therapist

During my journey to and in Rozabal, I was amazed at Jesus’ Grandeur. His tomb is located in a Moslem compound, yet His tranquillity and Love touch so many souls… Thank you GURUJI who has taken us to such a beautiful Place.

I Made Yudanegara – employee of a national private bank

Simplicity is one of the main characters of a Master, a Saviour. Amidst the buzzing Shrinagar, Rozabal reflects such simplicity, the final resting place of a Messiah. This time, such a taste of Simplicity was delivered by a contemporary master: Guruji Anand Krishna. Thank You, Sir.

Joehanes Budiman

Satisfaction, wonder, grateful, shivering, longing… those feelings mixed into one. I was so close with The Messiah. I could not count the many sensations I felt that made me tremendously content, peaceful… something beyond any descriptions, not even the best painting could describe. Thank You Guruji Anand Krishna who had brought me such a majestic experience.


No words to express it… As soon as I entered Rozabal, I could only feel silence and deep gratitude. Like it or not, words disappeared on their own… my heart was showered again with love…
Thank You Guruji, for everything.


In Rozabal, I once again felt His Love… so grand that It enveloped my heart, melting my heart with It. And… tranquillity came on its own. My deep gratitude and salutation to Guruji who had brought me there.

Ni Luh Wayan Sukmawati – employee of a national company

Rozabal… to enter the place equals to finding mystery and a very strong energy… My mind, body, and soul just felt love… Thank You Guruji Anand Krishna…

Made Arya Wardhana - Physician